The Morningstar Outreach Program

Morninstar Princess crownThe goal of the Mornining Star Outreach substance abuse program is to identify the Indian substance abuse cases in the Kansas City area, assisting individuals and their families with a plan for recovery from substance abuse and assist in their adjustment to living free of chemical dependency. As an adjunct to this outreach, a case management component is integral to assisting individuals and their family’s access services and resources in the community they need to maintain their recovery from substance abuse.

The Morningstar Outreach Program is a unique and viable support network system within the Kansas City area that has been helping Native Americans and their families who are experiencing alcohol and substance abuse related problems for recovery and personal adjustment since 1974.

The program includes a prevention and treatment components specifically designed to facilitate American Indians and their families in their day-to-day services in the following areas:

  1. Outpatient treatment and supported recovery.
  2. Therapeutic interventions to assist clients in dealing with past substance abuse and related experiences.
  3. Follow up and ongoing supported recovery services to assist client in maintaining their recovery.
  4. Outreach to clients, the community, families, other agencies, and service providers regarding special treatment needs of Native American clients.
  5. Cultural Activities appropriate to Native Americans to maintain and increase their connection to traditional activities.
  6. High risk focused prevention activities, especially for the youth in the community to decrease their chance of repeating intergenerational patterns of abuse, increase their connection to positive activities and behaviors, and provide a connection to culturally rich programming.

Through the program’s focus on prevention and offering impartial information, stressing practical education and advocating healthy lifestyle, it is the Center’s belief that when given the opportunity to develop positive attitudes and life skills a person’s self-destructive behavior will greatly diminish – if not be eliminated.

The Morningstar Program philosophy perceived that Native Americans disclose more easily and will talk more freely to another Native American; hence, a better chance of getting help to those in the Native American community who need help, by increasing their perception that the helping professional is more able to understand their unique needs.

The Morningstar Program promotes a positive image, wellness habits, and decision-making skills. It allows the client to seek alternative paths without alcohol and substance abuse.